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Liverpool Motor Club

Liverpool Motor Club

Secretary: Phil Howarth

Treasurer: John Harden

We believe that The Liverpool Motor Club is the oldest active Motor Club in the UK, being a direct descendant of the Liverpool Self-Propelled Traffic Association which first organised a “trial for self-propelled vehicles” (what we would now call a Hillclimb) on Liverpool’s Everton Brow in 1896. There’s lots more information about our previous 120+ years on the history page of our website.

The Club has a long history of promoting motorsport events, with a current emphasis on organising Sprints and Hillclimbs and providing marshals teams for other organisers’ events.

Over the years the Club has been successfully involved in various other areas of motorsport, including Autocross, Autotests, Hillclimbs, Production Car Trials, Rallies, Sand Racing and Navigational Runs. It has been particularly successful in encouraging new members to start competing and then providing the stimulus for them to further develop their skills.

Our current programme of events includes three Sprints and two Track Days held annually on the famous Aintree Motor Racing Circuit. We also promote two Hillclimbs each year at the spectacular Barbon Manor in Cumbria, run jointly with Kirkby Lonsdale Motor Club, as we work to secure the venue and its events for the future.

Interested? We are always looking for volunteers to help run the Club and its events and we are particularly keen to welcome marshals with all levels of experience as well as those looking to take their first steps in motorsport. You don’t have to be a member of the Club to help at our events!

For more information, see our comprehensive website www.liverpoolmotorclub.com where you can find links to our active Facebook pages.

Last updated: 5th September 2023